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Dramione Fic: A Beginning by Inell

Title: A Beginning
Author: Inell
Rating: G/K
Genre(s): General
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 2,293
Summary: Hermione is still adjusting to the temperature and quiet of the worksite
Status: Complete
Timeline: Post-Hogwarts/Post-War, EWE
Alternate Links: LJ
Published: August 27, 2014


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#Dramione Fic #Author: inell #rating: general #genre: general #one shot #Word Count: 1000 to 2500 #Post Hogwarts and Post War #EWE #Published: August 2014

Dramione Fic: It’s September First by cklls

Title: It’s September First
Author: cklls
Rating: PG-13/T
Genre(s): Fluff
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 433
Summary: Hermione wakes up a little late on September First.
Status: Complete
Timeline: Post-Hogwarts/Post-War, EWE, Mature Dramione
Alternate Links: AO3 | ff.net | GE
Published: September 1, 2014


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#Dramione Fic #Author: cklls #Rating: Teen #genre: fluff #drabble #Word Count: 250 to 500 #Post Hogwarts and Post War #EWE #Mature Dramione #Published: September 2014

Dramione Fic: Those Three Words by sirmioneforever

Title: Those Three Words
Author: sirmioneforever
Rating: MA/NC-17
Genre(s): Romance
Word Count: 8,195
Summary: The tension was rising, and the clamour to resolve the issues was getting louder. The only idea that seemed plausible was a union, a marriage, between two leaders on either side.
Status: Complete
Timeline: Post-Hogwarts/Post-War, EWE
Fest/Exchange: dramione_remix
Published: September 2, 2014


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#Dramione Fic #Author: sirmioneforever aka LestrangeMistress #rating: mature #Genre: Romance #one shot #Word Count: 7500 to 10 000 #Post Hogwarts and Post War #EWE #dramione remix #Published: September 2014

Dramione Fic: Glimmers of Goodbyes by rumaan_1

Title: Glimmers of Goodbyes
Author: rumaan_1
Rating: PG-13/T
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 3,211
Summary: The main war may be over but Harry is on a desperate quest to find his missing friend, Hermione.
Status: Complete
Fest/Exchange: dramione_remix
Published: September 2, 2014


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#Dramione Fic #Author: Rumaan #Rating: Teen #one shot #word count: 2500 to 5000 #dramione remix #Published: September 2014

Dramione Fic: Five Times Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy Never Kissed by Tobiume

Title: Five Times Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy Never Kissed
Author: Tobiume
Rating: M
Genre(s): Angst/Romance
Chapters: 7
Word Count: 21,034
Summary: Several encounters that never happened. Or did they?
Status: Complete
Timeline: Hogwarts Years
Published: September 28, 2013
Completed: September 1, 2014


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#Dramione Fic #Author: Tobiume #rating: mature #genre: angst #Genre: Romance #chapters: 7 #Word Count: 20 000 to 22 500 #hogwarts years #Published: September 2013 #Completed: September 2014 #submission

Daily Dramione Fic List Feature: dramione_duet

Dramione entries for dramione_duet

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Daily Dramione Fic Feature: Ribbons by Rizzle

Title: Ribbons
Author: Rizzle
Rating: M/R
Genre(s): Romance, Fluff
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 7,583
Summary: It’s tricky being a teenager. It’s tough being the most talked about couple at Hogwarts. It’s even more difficult saying those Three Little Words. Draco and Hermione have a practical arrangement, but lately, they’ve been wondering…
Status: Complete
Timeline: Year 7
Fest/Exchange: dhr_valentine
Holiday: Valentine’s
Alternate Links: GE | LJ
Published: March 19, 2004

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#Daily Features #Daily Dramione Author Feature #Dramione

hp-creatures Monthly prompt & hp-darkarts potions challenge halloween mini-fest

These fests are open to Dramione:


Prompts for September 2014:

- Potions Accident
- Claws
- Red

More information posted HERE


Sign ups are now open and you can sign up by commenting on this post using the template below. All completed fanworks are due by Sunday 19 October and the fest will post for one week only from Saturday 25 October - Saturday 1 November.

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Dramione Fic: The Pot of Gold

Title: The Pot of Gold
Author: ?
Rating: M/R
Genre(s): Fluff, Romance
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 2,216
Summary: “Of f****** course!” he bellowed to the sky. “Too much to ask for a bloody day to do this where it doesn’t f****** rain, isn’t it?”
Status: Complete
Timeline: Post-Hogwarts/Post-War, EWE
Fest/Exchange: hp_drizzle
Published: September 1, 2014


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#Dramione Fic #rating: mature #Author: Fluff #Genre: Romance #one shot #Word Count: 1000 to 2500 #post hogwarts and post war #EWE #hp drizzle #Published: September 2014

Dramione Fic: Hypnotized by mister_otter

Title: Hypnotized
Author: mister_otter
Rating: MA/NC-17
Genre(s): Adventure, Romance
Chapters: 6
Word Count: 11,000 
Summary: Curse breakers Draco Malfoy and Bill Weasley know that when archeologist Hermione Granger requires their help, they will get more adventure than they bargained for. Especially Draco…
Status: Complete
Timeline: Post-Hogwarts/Post-War, EWE
Fest/Exchange: dramione_remix
Published: September 1, 2014


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#Dramione Fic #Author: mister otter #genre: mature #Genre: Adventure #Genre: Romance #chapters: 6 #Word Count: 10 000 to 12 500 #Post Hogwarts and Post War #EWE #dramione remix #Published: September 2014

hp_creatures Halloween Fest 2014 Available Dramione Prompts

Here’s a list of prompts still available from hp_creatures Halloween Fest (at the time of making this list). Please see this post for more information about claiming! Claiming ends on September 20th! Oh, and double check here to make sure it’s not claimed!

USERNAME: ally_147
Creature: Veela
Pairing: Hermione/Draco
Era: Hogwarts AU, a no-war scenario.
Additions: Include the use of a typewriter, an ostrich feather quill and the creative use of chocolate sauce.
Scenario: This time, Hermione is the creature (perhaps she is a different variety of Veela?) and Draco is her mate.
Squicks: Non-con and hard kink. makeover!Hermione, bully!Draco.
Maximum Rating: NC-17

USERNAME: ally_147
Creature: Manticore (a dangerous Greek beast with the head of a man, the body of a lion and the tail of a scorpion. It is said that the manticore will softly sing or croon as it devours its prey).
Pairing: Any het Hermione pairing.
Era: Post Hogwarts EWE
Additions: Include chocolate, a pair of glasses and a (Muggle) taser.
Scenario: While on their honeymoon in the Greek Isles, Hermione and her new husband (both Aurors) are pulled into the investigation of a series of Muggle disappearances of which there are no clues or leads except for a strange, ominous singing…
Squicks: Non-con and hard kink.
Maximum Rating: Up to NC-17

USERNAME: ally_147
Creature: Nundu (according to JKR’s ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’, the East African Nundu is arguably the most dangerous beast in the world. It is a gigantic leopard that moves silently and whose breath causes disease virulent enough to wipe out villages. It has never been subdued by fewer than 100 skilled wizards working together.)
Pairing: Any het pairing you like, if you even think a pairing is needed.
Era: Post Hogwarts EWE
Additions: Include a series of trading cards, a ball of wool and a ritualistic ceremony.
Scenario: The first Nundu seen in almost 500 years is wreaking havoc in Africa, wiping out everything from small tribes to towns and cities. The African Ministry calls in all arms to help bring it down.
Squicks: Non-con and hard kink
Maximum Rating: Up to NC-17

Creature: Dragon
Pairing: Draco x any female character
Era: post-war or A/U post-hogwarts (no-war) - your choice
Additions: mating imperative, blood lust, breeding
Scenario: Draco’s Animagi form is, of course, a dragon - but unlike many Animagi, he has learned to change into two forms: one a full-on dragon the size of a human (your choice as to what breed, author), and the other a half-dragon/half-human form (you decide how much is dragon, how much human author). When SHE finds him one afternoon as he’s transformed, SHE calls to the beast’s instincts inside him to mate. Go as dark or as fluffy as you want with this one.
Squicks: Cannibalism, murder, character death, torture
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Creature: Wood nymph
Pairing: Hermione or Lavender or Daphne or Pansy x any male character(s)
Era: Hogwarts era-7th year A/U (no war)
Additions: sex pollen, seduction
Scenario: THIS FEMALE CHARACTER is secretly half-Wood nymph. When her power awakens at age 17, she finds it hard to concentrate on her school work, as all of these gorgeous men surround her and are just waiting to be had! Go as dark or as comedic/crack!ficcy or romantic as you want with this one.
Squicks: None
Maximum Rating: NC-17

USERNAME: ally_147
Creature: Kitsune (read about it here)
Pairing: Any het Hermione pairing.
Era: Post Hogwarts EWE
Additions: Include a dog/puppy, a clock and colouring pencils.
Scenario: Hermione has returned from a Ministry mandated trip to Japan, but all is not well, and it’s starting to freak her boyfriend/husband out. Keep it light/funny; the Kitsune isn’t seen as malevolent.
Squicks: Non-con and hard kinks.
Maximum Rating: Up to NC-17

USERNAME: heartsignite
Creature: Animagus otter and/or Animagus ferret
Pairing: Draco/Hermione
Era: Hogwarts
Additions: 7th year or 8th year AUs would be preferred. Side pairings of Harry/Ginny and Ron/Pansy would be great!
Scenario: Incorporate either of these pictures (or both if you want!)

[Image Prompt - Scroll down here]

Squicks: Non-Dramione endings. Angst that doesn’t get resolved.
Maximum Rating: Any

USERNAME: heartsignite
Creature: Werewolf
Pairing: Draco/Hermione
Era: Post-Hogwarts
Additions: Dark-ish fic. If you can find some way to keep it angsty and dramatic, but resolve it to a happy/hopeful ending, then kudos to you!
Scenario: Hermione was bitten by Fenrir Greyback during the Final Battle. She’s been living with her transformations safely for the past few years, thanks to Snape and improvements to the Wolfsbane potion, but what happens when she has no way to get the potion on the night of the full moon? How does Draco—who is the only one who can help her (for reasons to be determined by the author)—deal with her transformation? Does the fact that the full moon falls on All Hallow’s Eve have any effect on her transformation?
Squicks: Voldemort-wins AUs. Bloodplay. Really violent sex.
Maximum Rating: Any

Gen / Any / Other / Open to interpretation Prompts

And also this is included if you happen to look at other prompts on the page: Note: If you like the prompt but want to create your own pairing, please contact the mod at creaturefestmod@gmail.com

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Interhouse_Fest 2014 Available Dramione Prompts


Edit: strike through are the ones claimed (there’s a couple more Dramione ones claimed before I made this list so I didn’t include them). there’s still lots left to check out!

Sign-ups/Claiming is still open for interhouse-fest until September 8th and there are still tons of great Dramione prompts or prompts that can be claimed as Dramione!

Here’s a quick list of what’s still available. It’s important to check THIS POST for further information about the prompt as well as THIS POST for information on sign-ups/claiming if one catches your interest!

Prompt #3: One moment, Harry is at Draco and Hermione’s wedding. The next moment, he wakes up in bed with Daphne Greengrass, not remembering how he got there. 

Prompt #7: Scorpius and Rose are best friends (won’t be a couple in this fic). They’re tired of seeing their respective parents remain divorced or widowed. With the help of their friends, they conspire to set up Draco and Hermione to marry…even if Draco and Hermione don’t want to.

Prompt #10: Draco decides to help Hermione find her parents and bring them back, as payment for his actions during the war.

Prompt #12: Ginny and Blaise trust Draco. They trust Hermione. They don’t trust Draco and Hermione not to shag when they’re supposed to be house sitting. 

Prompt #13: Pansy and Hermione are tired of their husbands fighting. So, they lock themselves into a room until Ron and Draco learn to get along. 

Prompt #42: Hermione’s suffering from PTSD after her experiences at Malfoy Manor and the Battle of Hogwarts. The last person she expected, or wanted, helps her.

Prompt #65: Draco creature-Hermione or Harry mate.
Your choice - veela, vampire, werewolf, shape-shifter, or fairy.
Has to include at least 1 mating ritual that’s unique and original to the fandom (invent something different).

Prompt #66: Swingers partner swap.

Prompt #73: To him, her mind was beautiful. To her, his was a challenge.

Prompt #75: Draco and Pansy have a bet: they think they can seduce and shag their dates before the other one can.

Prompt #77: Trapped in a strange closet in Head Dorms room that is magically impervious. After searching, they find a secret door in the back that opens by a lever being pulled. It’s the only way out so they follow it. A dusty, long passage takes them through an unused servant’s passage. All the side exits are blocked though. They go on for hours, following the passage. Along the way, things change between them. Eventually, they find the way out. Things aren’t the same afterwards.

Prompt #102: I’ve always imagined Draco would be a vicious backseat driver.

Prompt #103: Draco is certain only hermione can help with his recent hair loss.

Prompt #104: Hermione gets stuck interviewing candidates for an entry level position at the ministry. To her great surprise, Draco is a candidate. To her even greater surprise, she is considering hiring him.

Prompt #105: hermione fears flying; draco fears germs. blaise decides the best way to help each conquer his/her phobia is to dare them to “help” each other out. and he’s started a betting pool for who will first succeed…

Prompt #107: character A suffers from chronic insomnia and never in a million years thought that character B could be the solution.

Prompt #121: The song ‘Hey Jealousy’ by the Gin Blossoms. Lyrics here: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/ginblossoms/heyjealousy.html

Prompt #125: There is a Quidditch game going on and (insert wizard’s name) is missing. And nobody seems to notice that (insert witch’s name) has slipped off as well.

Prompt #128: Hermione finds a series of notes left in her books after visiting the library (a new one is added after each visit). One inparticular excites her more than she’s willing to admit: “I want to find a corner of the library with you, push you against some shelves, and shake a few books off.”

Prompt #129: she was feeling guilty for developing more than a passing fancy for the man. she was happily married! but then, she discovered her husband had the hots for the man, too!

Prompt #131: Narcissa decides she wants to take yoga, and insists that Draco go to class with her. He’s grumpy as hell about it, until he sees -her- at the studio. Then things really get interesting!

Prompt #163: While studying Animagi in Transfigurations class, Draco and Hermione are surprised to discover that their Animagi are (surprisingly) mates!

Prompt #165: “SKUNK!!!!! SKUNK IN THE DUNGEON!”

Re-do the “troll! troll in the dungeon” scene from movie 1, and replace it with Draco trapped in skunk form (maybe he tripped a spell, was pranked into drinking a potion - whatever you decide). Hermione runs across him when he makes his way into the girl’s loo. Take it wherever you will.

Prompt #166: Draco and Hermione run into each other at a Muggle gym that caters to older, divorced people who want to get into shape so they can get back out on the dating scene. At forty, both of them are seriously in poor shape (pudgy, look tired all the time, bad hair) mostly because they’ve both been depressed over their divorces. It’s make-over time the old fashioned way… and maybe a second chance at love for them both?

Prompt #170: Remake the movie “Down With Love” within the Harry Potter universe.

Prompt #176: Invent a wizarding Halloween tradition and plunk your characters into the middle of it.

If you go naughty (sex fic), you MUST include the following: a blindfold and a game of ‘guess what this is’ (using touch or taste or smell)

If you go gen fic (non-sex fic), you MUST include the following: someone scoffing over the Muggle tradition of bobbing for apples, and someone else lighting a bonfire that goes out of control

Prompt #181: “Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.”
— “A Hat Full of Sky” by Terry Pratchett

Prompt #195: my (now ex-)friend stole my sweetheart.

Prompt #214: “I led the revolution in my bedroom
And I set all the zippers free
We said no more war, no more clothes
Give me peace

Oh, kiss me!”

Hurrican, Panic! at the Disco

Prompt #223: Dramione love story, with all the happy ending trimmings, told from the POV of the two exes/jilted parties.

Prompt #225: In a bizarre chain of unfortunate magical events, Draco has ended up literally stuck to Hermione, and no amount of magic reversal seems to help. What’s worse is that Hermione is due to have (a baby/a job interview/her wedding) any day now. Will they separate in time?

So as you can see there are still tons of great prompts! Please be sure to check the Prompt Claiming spreadsheet of available prompts and look up the prompt number because they do provide more details and suggestions.

If any of these interest you, be sure to check it out. It’d be a shame to waste these prompts ;D

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September Dramione/HP Fest Activity:

Here’s a quick list of things happening this month for Dramione and HP Fests that accept Dramione:

Dramione Fests:

Harry Potter Fests:

and keep on the lookout for more fests here and for any recent master lists here!

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Dramione News: September 2014

~ a list of updates of the things going on in the Dramione fandom for the month of September ~

Dramione News Archive

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